You’re expected to look perfect, say the perfect thing, be the perfect partner, the perfect friend, the perfect colleague, the perfect mother. You constantly work hard to keep all of your plates spinning, while simultaneously feeling pressure that at any moment every plate will come crashing down.

The responsibilities and expectations placed upon you are overwhelming. You’re exhausted trying to balance your relationship, kids, house, and job. It all adds up to you being on edge all the time and behaving like a person you don’t want to be. On top of all that, you feel guilty for feeling the way you do and the last thing you want is to burden your friends or family with your problems.

Yet you’re scared of what will happen if things keep going in this direction. Previous traumas and negative experiences surface without warning, leaving you feeling confused and anxious. Self-doubt and negative self-talk begin to creep in. You start to question everything: your relationships, your purpose, your identity, and your self-worth.

You need someone who will listen without judgment and a place where you can trust and feel safe. Your shared time with your counselor will help you rediscover your voice and innate strengths, so you can reconnect with those you care about, regain your purpose, and find hope for the future. You will feel empowered to stand in your glory—happier, settled and more confident than ever.